Tickets for the event will be available online, starting on March 1!  Only a limited number of tickets will be available at the gate for the increased fine…errrr, price of $130 cash. We only deal in cash, please save your ‘interesting’ trades for the hippies. You will be asked for your identification upon entry to the event. If you cannot provide it, you may not be provided with a 21+ wristband. Kids 12 and under are free. You will be asked to show your wristband when you re-enter the event. If we suspect any funny business, we reserve the right to glitter bomb you.


Dog passes will NOT be available at the gate. Dog passes have been limited for the safety of our festival patrons. Please choose to be part of the solution and not the problem. Do not show up with your dog if you have not already purchased a dog pass. Exceptions cannot be made.

If you have already purchased a dog pass, your well-socialized dog is welcome with the understanding that you will take responsibility for them and their waste. AT THE EVENT, DOGS ARE ONLY ALLOWED ON-LEASH. Be sure to pack leashes and poop bags. Reoccurring dog incidents could result in spankings or your pooch, and it’s owners, being asked to leave. Also note that fireworks are a possibility. Putting your dog to bed at night is good for everyone. Run away pets put a damper on everyone’s fun.


Composting toilets a.k.a. “compoosters” will be the only amenity provided for the festival. We do not sell food, alcohol, ice, or provide water. Be sure to bring enough food and water for yourself for the duration of your visit. You cannot survive on beer alone, we promise. No trash receptacles will be provided for the event. This is a pack it in/ pack it out scenario. We do not want your garbage. Junk is not jenk. We do encourage you to separate your trash and recycle or make bottle bricks out of your waste for future Jenkstar projects. Sustainability is the name of the game here =) What’s a bottle brick? Glad you asked, check out: How to Bottle Brick.

Cell phone and intraweb connections are spotty at best on the ranch. Plan to turn off and tune in, Sherpa up a butte, or drive to town.

The fresh Buice Jar will be open during the day, selling fresh juice and coffee. Cash is the only acceptable form of payment and no ATMs are on sight. Plan accordingly.


We are hoping for perfect weather, but sh%* happens. JenkStar Ranch is a desert climate. It is hot during the day and chilly at night. Be sure to pack accordingly. Sunscreen and shade as well as jackets are always a good idea. Winds and rain can sometimes come through without warning. Be sure to stake your tents and shade structures down. We cannot stress this enough! Okay, maybe once more…. stake your sh%* down!!

The terrain at JenkStar is mostly forgiving although there are some hills, buttes, washes, ditches and cacti. A headlamp at night is necessary, and also sexy.


We will always have a first aid kit located in the Mercantile and 24hr med staff on-call. If there is an emergency, please go to the Front Gate or The Mercantile to radio for help.


We are lucky to be located about a 10-minute drive to beautiful Swasey’s Beach along the Green River. With that being said, the JenkStars are not affiliated or associated with Swasey’s Beach. It is a public beach, no nudity is permitted and no JenkStars are permitted to dump their garbage into beach receptacles; pack it in/ pack it out.

If you choose to go to the beach, carpooling is a very good idea, as there are limited parking spots, and local authorities like to ticket people who speed, park like jerks, or block Hastings road. So, carpool, carpool, CARPOOL! Don’t make us publicly shame you for driving solo. Mother Earth hates that sh%*!

The town of Green River is also only a short drive from Jenkstar Ranch. It has many convenience stores and one small grocery store. However, if you require fat-free, gluten-free, fair trade, organic marshmallows, you probably wont find them in town. There is only a small liquor selection At the West Winds Restaurant in Green River and PBR is scarce. Try to get that stuff before you arrive. With that being said, Green River is a small community and we are the visitors, we love <3 our locals and they love <3 us, let’s keep it that way. Mind your p’s and q’s while visiting. Our relationship with them is important.


Camping is permitted. RVs and campers are welcome at no additional cost. It is a first come, first serve basis for camping spots. Just because you have a generator doesn’t mean you need to use it all day or night. The JenkStars frown on excessive generator use. We are a solar powered event, and use generator power only when absolutely necessary. We expect the same from you. The Solar Police will be in full effect and they know how to flip power switches. 

Campsite fires are prohibited, except in designated areas, and there are no designated areas.

Pack for desert camping, you know the drill, we aren’t your mom. Self-reliance is necessary. However, some helpful things to remember could be:

-Headlamp/ earplugs

-Bug spray/ sunscreen

-A yoga mat

-Beach attire

-A reusable cup/ plate/ fork/ etc.

-Something to share for the Saturday family potluck

-A bottle for the SolLun “If you want some whiskey, bring us some whiskey.”

-Cash for the juice bar

-Your stick horse for the Jenktucky Derby

-Your helmet and Tetanus shot – Yeehaw! Safety 3rd!

-An open mind


While this is a family-friendly event, kids are asked to be out of the adult zones i.e. Village and Main Stage areas by 11:00p.m. to allow for adult time. The curfew will be enforced. Any unattended feral children will be handed over to The Goblin King.

A family friendly camping zone is available. Ask the front gate to direct you. You and your toddler probably don’t want to end up next to an oversized Jellyfish from the year 12,000 all weekend.


If at any time, you are unsure about how to get involved or make yourself useful at the event, try attending a workshop, pick up some MOOP, take some snacks to the Front Gate or Greeters crew, or check the What Where When schedules for something else that tickles your fancy. If all else fails, find someone who looks busy, and ask how you can help. This is a do-ocracy, and we are all JenkStars. Welcome to the family. <3

We hope this clarifies some common questions and questifies some common clarifictions. Feel free to message us on our Facebook page with anything else or ask a veteran for advice. We are excited to make .::magik::. and get weird with all of you.


-The JenkStars