A collective of artists, musicians, and mad scientists. Through art, music and technology we can expand consciousness, shift awareness, and change the human experience.

We are actively researching and building creative solutions for real world problems. 

We regularly host a Sustainable Living Art and Music (S.L.A.M.) event in downtown Salt Lake City and discuss current issues and demonstrate solutions that are simple, inexpensive and  obtainable.

Twice a year we host a 4 day S.L.A.M event at the Jenk Star Ranch in Green River Utah, Building Man in the spring and Melon Nights in the fall. Our events are family friendly, powered by solar and wind energy, our installations are built from reclaimed and re-purposed material and our workshops are led by experts in Sustainable Living. Everyone is welcome to attend and/or contribute to this revolution. Come learn more about sustainable living through art, music, and technology.